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Letters from the Artist


Rather than repeatedly snoozing my alarm followed by twenty minutes of mindlessly gazing into my glowing device — I decided to fill those first morning moments with a more meaningful experience. This did not come without a struggle — for months I told myself: Tomorrow... Tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow.

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Oia, Greece

Waking up in Oia at the crack of dawn, jet lagged as can be, is a blessing in disguise. Seeing a soft glow of the rising sun slowly waking the sleeping ships on the sea in front of this make-believe village is truly a spiritual experience. I’m a hippie so it’s easy to have those, but still. Slowly the town follows. Sounds of crying espresso machines with the romantic chatter of silverware on plates becomes your morning soundtrack from a nearby cafe.

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The Dream

I went to art school and have never had a job — and I mean that in the best way possible. Through thickness and thin, I have managed to claw my way through adult life freelancing with an art degree. And no, I’m not a trust fund kid, and yes, I have a mountain of student loans that seem to linger at the same number no matter how many years go by. 

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